Whitby Ice Rink

This year, for the first time,

the town will be installing a full-size undercover real ice rink, right in the centre of Whitby!

With a capacity of 50 skaters, it will be THE place to get your Christmas fun fix this winter season.

When does the ice rink open?

The ice rink opens at 6pm on 26th November 2021 and runs through to 5pm on 2nd January 2022 (closed Christmas day).

Opening hours are 10am to 9pm (last session is 8pm) daily

How much is the ice rink and how do I buy a ticket?

Prices start at £7.99 for a child and £9.99 for an adult.  There are also prices for families and if you live locally you may qualify for a 20% discount! Go to Tickets for more information and to book.

IMPORTANT: You must purchase your ticket via this site to skate.  It is not possible to purchase tickets on the door.

Is the ice rink real ice, or one of those plastic ones?

It's real ice, which provides the most enjoyment and a great atmosphere.

What is the minimum age for children?

The minimum age for children is 4 years old.

Can children skate without supervision from an adult

Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult (over 18). If under 8 then an adult must accompany them on the ice, if 8 to 12 then an adult must be either on the ice or viewing.  Over 12's can skate on their own.

What if the weather is bad?

The ice rink will be fully enclosed in a marquee, so you can skate during bad weather.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is one hour - please note this includes the time you will need to enter, put on your skates and exit at the end of the session.

Where will the ice rink be located?

On Endeavour Wharf car park, next to the replica Endeavour.

Do I need to bring my own skates?

No, they are provided for free.

How big will the ice rink be?

10m x 15m which is about 33 ft x 50 ft with enough space for 50 skaters at a time.

Ice Skaters

Picture is to indicate only, when we have photo’s of the actual ice rink, we will post them.